Conscious Leader Coaching

The impact on your life and those around you will be extraordinary…..

If you are serious about becoming a conscious leader, then you have probably worked out that developing your own consciousness is a good first step. What does this mean?

To answer this question, take a few moments to connect with those you really care about. If you feel as I do, then the idea of mistreating those close to you just doesn’t make sense. Now imagine your compassion extending to a wider group. All the people in your organisation perhaps. When you start feel about them in the same way as those close to you, then life will be very different. The idea of taking advantage of those in your business world will become unacceptable. As your awareness changes, the impact on you and those around you will be extraordinary.

Becoming more conscious is simply following this path.

You can learn what conscious leaders do but you won’t have their impact until you become as conscious as they are. The transformation typically occurs when the centre of gravity of your consciousness shifts from “what’s in it for me” to “what’s in it for us”.

My role as a coach is to walk alongside you on your journey. I aim to hold a space for you to discover the answers you already have within you. I do this by being fully present and encouraging you to do the same. I don’t have a five step programme but I do have great intuition and I listen deeply. I will give you direct and honest feedback and I will always act in your best interests.

That you are on this page probably indicates that you are making changes already. Coaching can really help you speed up the process.

The more you know yourself, the more effective you will be with others

I have a simple model which is best represented by the two arms of a spinning galaxy. One arm represents your inner world and the other your relationship with your outer world. The two arms must be in balance. Thus the more you know yourself, the more effective you will be with others. As you understand the complex relationships between your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, so you will better understand the dynamics between yourself, others and the environment in which you operate. With understanding comes choice. With choice you can learn to make better decisions.

If you choose to work with me we will probably start by exploring your inner world, your beliefs, values and how you make sense of your life. We will gradually shift to how you operate in the outside world and explore new ideas and ways of working. You will always be in charge.

Please contact me

Please call me to have a chat about whether it is right for us to work together. I coach both corporate and private clients and have the flexibility to adapt to most situations.

Sessions are normally for 90 mins and most people need 3-6 to achieve any meaningful change.


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