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Leaders Soul

Written by Charlie Efford

Photo by Jonny Silvercloud

Sometimes it is worth remembering that our leaders are real people with  the same hopes and fears that we have. The leaders soul is just as human as yours. When you let go of your to do list and forget your corporate objectives you get in touch with the person underneath. This is where life really happens. Nic Askew has a talent for capturing the essence of real people living real lives through his Soul Biographies – ‘Short, Black & White Human Portraits in Film. Extremely close up. And extremely revealing of our common human experience‘.

There is something here for everyone. If you are a Conscious Leader the understanding of  people that he brings to his work is a must.

Let me start you with this short film about leadership – An unprotected conversation.

I hope you get as much from Nic’s work as I do

About the author

Charlie Efford

My name is Charlie Efford and I have been a leader all my life. I am at my best when I hold space for others to grow and develop. I do this because I enjoy it. I listen deeply, I care and I am not afraid to use my intuition. I often see things that others miss and I like to have fun.


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