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Are you ready for Conscious Leadership?

I want to help you answer this question by asking you some more questions:

  • Why do you come to work?
  • Do you trust the people you work with?
  • What does success look like in your organisation?

Why do you come to work?

I am going to assume, like most people, that you are willing to exchange your labour for money so that you can live and support your family etc. So let me start with why you chose to work for your current organisation in the first place? What did you want out of the deal? Do you believe in what your organisation is doing?  What would you really like to do? Have you even thought about any of these questions?

Why not take a few minutes to think about why you come to work.

Do you trust the people you work with?

I need you to be honest here. Trust is a powerful word that can trigger deep emotions. Imagine how you would feel if someone said you were untrustworthy? There are also layers of trust; so I might trust you to do your job properly but not trust you with some sensitive information. So how much do you really trust those around you? Are you willing to be open about how you feel or do you stick to safe ground? Would your team look after you if you got stuck?

You might like to make a list of the people you work with and consider what you would trust them with.

What does success look like in your organisation?

This is a broad question so I want you to answer it by thinking about what actually gets celebrated. What do your managers focus on? What do workers in the office or factory celebrate? What do you get rewarded for? What do you have to do to get noticed? What appears in the company magazine? Which celebrations / measures of success resonate with you? Why are they important to you? What do you wish was recognised but isn’t?

Again, you might like to take few minutes to reflect on your answers.

Are you ready for Conscious Leadership?

Before I share my thoughts on the questions above, I want to be clear that these are only my views and I am very open to hearing yours. I have an understanding of conscious leadership and simply want to see if you are in a similar place to me. If you are, then there might be some value in us collaborating further.

If you are already working in an environment where conscious leadership is thriving, then you might have answered:

  • I come to work because I enjoy my job. I believe in what my organisation is trying to achieve and can see how I contribute. Making a difference is important to me and I get paid for doing something I love. Things get frustrating at times but that is a small price to pay for doing something worthwhile.
  • I trust most people I work with to a large extent. I can be honest when I am struggling because I know I’ll get help. When I do get things wrong I take responsibility but I will not be judged or condemned for making a mistake. I rarely have to watch my back because office politics is not an issue.
  • We naturally celebrate when business goes well. It is great when we get a new client or win a new contract. We also celebrate the small things; feedback from a satisfied customer, the promotion of colleague, success in someone’s family. The celebration is genuine.

If you are ready for conscious leadership (and can see the changes you would like to make) then you might have answered:

  • I come to work because I know my organisation could make a real difference in the world. We don’t do a bad job and our customers like our products, however, all that really seems to count is the bottom line. The drive to hit profit targets often blinds us and sometimes I feel we are taking advantage of our customers’ goodwill.
  • I can trust most people around me to do their job, but I have to be careful what I say so that I don’t offend them. It would be so much easier to be direct sometimes and I suspect most of my team would appreciate some straight talking. A few people are out there for themselves and I watch my back when they are around. We waste a lot of time and energy by tip-toeing around each other.
  • We celebrate the big successes as company and the small ones within our team. I make a point of saying thank you when people have put themselves out and done a good job. I can see the appreciation in people’s eyes. I often feel that top management only care about whether we hit targets or not. They are pleased when we do, but we don’t hear much from them otherwise.

If you are thinking & feeling this way then you are probably ready for conscious leadership. If you lead your organisation then you can make the changes required. If your organisation is open and willing then you could be the catalyst. Why not work in an organisation that achieves great things because people are inspired and trusted rather than managed and controlled?

If I have caught your interest, please Call me.

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