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Are you still growing?

Written by Charlie Efford

Are you really open to new growth or have you secretly decided to settle for what you’ve got? Let me explore some ideas with you.

Nature follows an eternal cycle of life and death, of ebb and flow. This applies to my body as I know only too well. It does not have the resilience and ability to recover that it had in my twenties. My ‘fitness bucket’ has much larger holes in it now so that even when I do train, the benefits disappear much faster. I’m not sure this cycle applies to my mind in the same way. It feels sharper and more alive than ever. The insights and understanding I gain from exploring new ideas seem to stick more easily than before. This may be because I have more wisdom and knowledge to refer to, but maybe it just gets better with age (providing you exercise it).

My ‘fitness bucket’ has much larger holes in it now…

The analogy that works for me is the idea of completing a jigsaw. When I was born I had a pile of pieces and not much idea of how to put them together. As time has passed, I have completed patches that reveal coherent parts of the overall picture. This makes it easier for me to see where new pieces fit in. My jigsaw has no master picture to refer to though – so I have no idea of what the final image will look like. All I know is that the more I explore, the more is revealed to me. In this sense I have never stopped growing.

The more I explore, the more is revealed to me

connect-316638_1280What is your jigsaw like? Have you got many edge pieces in place? Boundaries are helpful to contain and manage what is going on and they are limiting. As soon as you start to believe that things should be a certain way you are limiting your growth. Dare I say you could be developing a fixed mind set?

With a fixed view of how things should be it becomes very difficult to imagine that life could be any other way. What you are familiar with often makes sense and things usually work well enough. With a growth mind set you can accept the advantages of how things are and be open to new possibility. You may have to admit that you got some things wrong (very threatening to lots of egos) but the fresh horizons that open up can bring huge benefits.

Organisations that have really understood the power of putting people before profit for example, often make more profit and add more value than their more focused competitors. If you believe that the only purpose of business is to maximise shareholder return then you are probably doing your shareholders a massive disservice (not to mention everyone else involved with your business.

When you do this you realise that your jigsaw is never going to be finished

Being open to new growth is really being prepared to look at what is going on afresh. When you do this you realise that your jigsaw is never going to be finished. This can be hard to accept if you need to feel your life will be complete at some point. If you look at things like me then life is about the journey not the destination. When I stop growing I stop living – so why would I stop?

If you would like to join us on your journey then come on one of our conscious leader programmes and let us work with you for a while.

PS You could look at the slow down of your body as an opportunity for your mind to take off

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