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Written by Charlie Efford

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We’ve got used to the idea that the health of our nation depends primarily on the growth of the economy and the financial markets. After all, our investments, pensions and financial health depend on them. When we are so vested in things as they are it is difficult to imagine any other way. It is time we changed the footprint we leave on the world.

When we are so vested in things as they are it is difficult to imagine any other way

Many businesses operate on the principles of competition, domination and exploitation. So long as they make great returns for their investors all is OK. We have moderated the worst excesses through regulation and corporate social responsibility but before long things will need to change much more fundamentally.

John Mackey and Raj Sisodia have written their excellent book on Conscious Capitalism which explores how the principles of Capitalism can be used for the greater good. It is an excellent read.

John Fullerton looks at the problem through the eyes of a banker (He was MD of JP Morgan). He was part of the system and understands how and why it works. He points out that many people know deep down that the system is flawed but don’t know how to change things. He has set up the Capital Institute to explore how this can be done.

Nic Askew’s short film clip where John talks about these problems says it all – please watch it






To effect change we need more Conscious Leaders. Please see our programmes if you would like to find out more

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