Conscious Business

How Conscious Leaders benefit your business

What are the benefits of having Conscious Leaders in your business?

We help leaders develop their awareness and explore what it takes to ‘become’ a conscious leader. We hope they will take their learning back into their organisations, bringing fresh energy and vitality to the way they operate.

Conscious Leaders are mindful leaders, aware at many levels of what is happening in the world around them. They have a presence born of living in the moment, the courage to do what is right and the confidence to lead from within.

Their genuine, open, and effective style of leadership allows them to connect with and understand others at all levels. This allows them to harness the goodwill and commitment of those they lead for the benefit of the business. Typically they foster more innovation, create higher levels of commitment and enable higher quality work. The business benefits and the people who work there thrive.

Conscious Business

Some businesses already have conscious leaders at the helm and have become Conscious Businesses

These include high profile and oft quoted companies such as South West Airlines, Whole Foods Market, Patagonia and The Body Shop. They have three traits in common:

  • A strong sense of human Purpose often linked to the way we live on our Planet
  • A very clear focus on People (whether they are employees or customers)
  • Acceptance that they are in business to make a Profit.

They work in this order. If you have a strong sense of purpose that connects with humanity (and usually our planet) then people can and will buy into what you are doing. If you focus on bringing out the best in all of the people associated with your business (whether through serving their needs or allowing them to flourish) then they will bring their energy and commitment to your cause. Create these conditions and organise your business well and you will make a good profit.

If you are ready to become a Conscious Business the first questions you can ask yourself are:

“What difference does your business make in the world?”

“Why does your business exist – what are you trying to achieve?”

You might like to watch this short clip by Simon Sinek if you are unsure how to answer

Conscious Businesses are emerging all over the world and will be very successful. If you would like to join this quiet revolution then becoming a Conscious Leader is a great place to start.


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