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Connecting with Purpose

Written by Charlie Efford

In my last blog, I explored the idea that every organisation has its own consciousness and higher purpose. A purpose that is both dependent on and independent of the people who serve the organisation. Both existences are intricately entwined. We need the organisation to help us fulfil our purpose, and it needs us to deliver on the collective purpose we have agreed to serve.

A purpose that is both dependent on and independent of the people who serve the organisation

In this article, I want to look at how we can tune into an organisation’s consciousness and ‘hear’ its guidance rather than our own. I want to explore two aspects. How can we expand our capacity to ‘hear’ and how can we learn to tune into the right information?

Think of a radio set. Not so long ago, radios could only be tuned to three different frequency bands – short, medium and long wave. Some radios weren’t built for short wave. No matter how many times you twiddled the dial, you weren’t going to pick up those stations. If you equate the radio to your consciousness, then you can only ‘hear’ signals that fall within your range.

…..the range of our consciousness is defined by our understanding of life and the way the world works

I suspect the range of our consciousness is defined by our understanding of life and the way the world works. Views that challenge this may be hard to accept. If you believe the world is flat, then someone telling you its round makes no sense.

Within our range, the next challenge is tuning the radio to the right station. Older radios had a scale with a moving indicator. There was a skill to finding the station you wanted. Some frequencies were close together. It took careful listening to detect the station you were looking for. Even when you were tuned in, the signal sometimes wandered and you had to find it again. Technology has long since come to the rescue and all we need to do now is push a button. Unfortunately, there is no technical assistance to help you tune into your inner world. It still requires skill and sensitivity.

The good news is that we all have a radio that can be developed and expanded.

Expanding your consciousness

There are many ways to expand your range of consciousness. All I can do is share what makes sense from my perspective.

I think the first steps are to be open and curious. Open to the idea that your view of the world might be limited, and curious to find out more. This can be a big shift. It means you might have to admit you were wrong. However, once you get used to the idea that life is about enjoying the journey rather than reaching the destination, it becomes fun. Retaining a sense of what is credible helps. As you meet new ideas, some will resonate and others won’t. Going at your own pace and only absorbing information that feels right will help you stay grounded.

…..developing your inner world comes before stretching into the outer one

My second observation is that developing your inner world comes before stretching into the outer one. You can attend classes and read books but nothing will change until you decide to develop your own practice. For many people, the simplest place to start is meditation. My own practice has varied over the years. I knew that we were all connected but the rationale came through thought and reason. After many years, I’ve reached a place where I am starting to feel the connection as well as know it. It has changed my Being.

Another good way to develop is to spend time with people that stretch your imagination and challenge your views. You’re in the right place when you start defending yourself and feeling indignant. If this gets a bit much, retreating to the sanctuary of nature helps. An afternoon under a shady tree by a cool running river will invariably connect you back to the rhythm and wisdom of life.

Tuning into the right channel

Just as there are many radio stations broadcasting across the ether, so there are many voices we can tune into. Closest to home are those of our own existence. These include Our:

  • Ego – with all its survival instincts and need for approval
  • Body – which knows what we need to stay healthy
  • Conscience – which reflects what we have inherited about right and wrong
  • Intuition – which picks up on others and situations when we interact with them
  • Higher Self – often the quietest voice and invariably the wisest one
  • Senses – they give us a view of  ‘daily reality’

Tuning into these different ‘channels’ and becoming familiar with the tone and quality of what they offer is a good starting point. My process began in earnest when I signed up for a counselling programme. I learnt to be intimate with my thoughts, feelings and emotions. I understood the difference between the voice that wanted me to ‘heal’ my clients and the one that wisely guided me to let them take that responsibility for themselves.

When you know your own world, it becomes much easier to detect channels in the outside one

When you know your own world, it becomes much easier to detect channels in the outside one. Many people believe that we each have a guide helping us from a more esoteric level of existence. ‘Hearing’ this guidance takes practice and skill. Some people ‘hear’, others ‘see’ in their minds eye, some ‘feel’ and some just ‘know’.

Mastering this skill and learning to trust information when it comes often brings a real sense of grounding and purpose.

It is not a big step from here to tune into an organisation’s consciousness. All you need to do is quieten your mind and ask. Connecting with the consciousness of your organisation becomes easier when you can move past your own ‘voices’. It is easy to confuse a belief you hold dear with what the organisation is really asking for.

Your organisation will have a view about its development……

When you do connect, you can feel into the higher purpose of your organisation and engage in dialogue. Your organisation will have a view about its development and will want to contribute to important decisions.

My experience suggests that humility helps enormously with this work. In practice, it means offering information as an unconditional gift (when it comes) rather than announcing and defending it.


The idea that an organisation has an independent consciousness that can be engaged with through dialogue is relatively new. It is outside the range of what many people believe. For those who accept this idea, the next step is how to do it. In this article, I have explored some ideas about how an individual might do this.

The wider our awareness and understanding of life, the more we are capable of ‘hearing’. The more we know our own ‘voices’, the better we can pick out the distinct but often subtle voice of the organisation we work in.

Helping people engage with the consciousness of their organisation is where my work is taking me. I would love to talk further if this interests you.

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