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On Becoming Multi-Sensory

Written by Charlie Efford


I regularly host local meetings for an organisation called Conscious Café. Our aim is to bring people together to increase self-awareness and engage in conscious conversations that create deeper connections. In practice, we take a subject that usually has a spiritual dimension and share our ideas and views. We listen and contribute in equal measure. People invariably feel heard (a very affirming experience) and start to look at things from a different perspective. I hope that my role has been beneficial to the process.

The rise in ‘consciousness’ or ‘the awakening’ that is happening in the world is mysterious and hard to grasp until it happens to you. Let me give you an example. Next stage organisations (Teal for those who have come across Re-Inventing Organisations) often manage themselves without the need for conventional hierarchy. The concept of having a boss, a manager or a chief executive just doesn’t exist. For those in more conventional organisations, this is utter madness. How will people know what to do? how will we get things done? We need to have someone in charge! – and yet Teal organisations flourish happily without them.

The only way to really understand how an organisation can self-manage is to become more ‘conscious’ yourself- a leap of faith for those who are curious. Fortunately, more and more people are taking the plunge, and the leap is becoming less scary.

There are lots of good articles about ‘Vertical Learning’, which allude to the upgrade in our personal ‘operating system’. Also, the ‘Spiral Dynamics’ work beautifully describes what the world looks like to those at different stages of evolvement. What is less written about, is what it takes to make the journey to ‘the next stage of consciousness’/ ‘Teal’ / ‘Yellow’ (Spiral Dynamics). I see this journey as one of opening up to our subtler senses – or to put it another way – becoming multi-sensory.

Most of us are quite comfortable dealing with the information provided by our standard five senses. If we can see it and touch it then it’s real. Things usually get a bit hazier when we go beyond the standard senses. Intuition, gut feel, sixth sense, telepathy etc. are all well-known but very secondary to accepted decision making. Can you image a Government Minister openly announcing that he or she will not be awarding a big public contract because something doesn’t feel right? – neither can I (sadly).


My sense is that the Awakening, or the emerging rise in consciousness is really a journey towards understanding and using our subtler senses. When we have access to our intuition or to the flows of energy flowing around a conference room then we start to understand what is happening in a very different way. It is often these deeper undercurrents of meaning that have the most impact. The surface arguments about the technicalities of a proposition pale into insignificance when pitted against the human desires going on beneath the surface. If we are to create new ways of working and organising ourselves then being able to understand each other at this deep level is, I believe, essential.

The Journey

The first step in my journey was learning to accurately recognise the feelings and emotions coursing through my being. I started removing the formidable defences that protected me from my feelings in my early 40s. It was painful and I went through a lot of tissues. I eventually got to a place where I could name a feeling and say it out loud to another person. You will not be surprised to learn that I was training to be a counsellor at the time. Once I had re-acquainted myself with my feelings, I learnt to tune into those of other people. I found myself experiencing what other people felt. I can’t explain how powerful it is for someone to know that you are willing to put yourself in their shoes for a while and try to unconditionally understand them.

Once I learnt to tune into someone close by, it was not a big step to explore other channels. Most of us can walk into a room and sense the atmosphere. We have all been to great concerts/ gigs/ sporting events and been swept along by the energy in the venue. It’s often like walking into a room with a loud radio on though. We hear the noise but don’t really listen to the music. However, I pause now. I notice and wonder what is going on at a deeper level. There is often useful information to glean.

The next stage for me was to tune into my inner guidance or to listen to my higher self. I did this through meditation. Gradually I have had access to a much deeper source of wisdom and insight than I could have got from reading books. I listen to my inner voice. I listen to my feelings and allow them to guide me. I don’t always get things right and I am making better choices more often.


When I reflect on what I have learnt, it occurs to me that I could use the deeper information I now have access to gain advantage over others. It would undoubtedly put me ahead in the competition of life. Yet, I have no desire to do this. For me, with deeper insight comes greater wisdom, compassion and humanity. I find myself being more tolerant, more understanding and having very little desire to bend people to my will. I feel no need to convert people to any cause, I can trust people to make their own choices and take responsibility for their own feelings. I try to speak my truth without causing any intentional harm.

I recognise that everyone has their own story and is trying to do the best they can. I am still keen to get things done and organise my time accordingly. What is different is the energy that underpins my activity.

My journey towards becoming multi-sensory has made a huge difference in my life. I understand the world and what is happening around me in a very different way. I also respond and think differently. I know I am not alone.

I suspect it is this inner journey towards opening up our dormant senses that is the key to the next stage in human evolution. If you choose to go down this path, you will come to your own revelations and then who knows what will be possible.

I wish you joy on your journey towards becoming multi-sensory.

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