Conscious Leadership

Are We Ready for Conscious Leadership

Written by Charlie Efford

Are we ready for the benefits of Conscious Leadership? – Would you thrive in a culture created by enlightened leadership or would you find this approach uncomfortable and unsettling?

If I offered you a leader who was committed to your wellbeing, was highly aware and authentic, would you appreciate what they had to offer? If they set a clear direction, engaged with you and enabled you to do your job, would you be tempted? I would – and I would be conscious of what I might need to change when they arrived.

I think conscious leadership is about leaders being and delivering all these things, but I am not sure we are quite ready for them yet. Let me tell you why.

How many times have you heard someone say on the news “They must do something about it” or “This must never be allowed to happen again”. The unspoken words are “I want  someone to do it for me”. This culture of dependency has long tentacles and doesn’t sit easily with Conscious Leadership. The flip side of a Conscious Leader who supports and enables you is that you have to get off your backside and take some responsibility for doing something. I guess you could argue that with the right leader you could be motivated and encouraged enough to do this anyway, but I am not sure. I think this overlooks an important aspect of human nature.

Homeostasis! – not another form of sexuality but an innate human tendency to resist change. Donald Schon referred to this a “Dynamic Conservatism”. He argued that individuals do not simply resist change – they actively fight to keep things as they are. So, if you accept my view that the long tentacles of dependency have found their way into our culture, what chance have Conscious Leaders got of getting us to take on our responsibilities in this new world?

Much of the thinking and good work on leadership is focused on what leaders have to do differently or how they should “Be”  to become great. In this blog I wanted to even up the argument by starting to look at what followers have to do or “Be” – if they are get the best out of these new leaders. I would love to know what you think.


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